Audiobooks, Ebooks, & Magazines

Downloadable AUDIO and EBOOKS are available through GMLC (Green Mountain Library Consortium) OverDrive.
Hundreds of books for all ages are available for download to your computers or mobile devices. All you need is an Internet connection and your library card number.
To sign in:
– Click the Sign In button
– Choose Norwich Public Library from the drop-down list
– Enter your library card number
– Enter your online library account password

Ebooks through Vermont Online Library



View a digital library of over 50,000 free ebooks, primarily classic works of literature from the 1920s and earlier via Project Gutenberg.


RB Digital Magazines
Browse, check out, and read magazines in your browser and download to mobile apps. Once you checkout a magazine you may keep it as long as you wish. Get started by creating a new account using your library card.

Consumer Reports Online
Features 5,000 reviews from everything from new and used cars to dishwashers and gas grills. Before you make a major purchase, be sure to check CRO. Use your library card number to sign in.