Library Rules of Conduct

The Norwich Public Library provides traditional and innovative resources in a safe and welcoming environment.  We respectfully request that patrons observe the following rules:

  • Show mutual respect for everyone in the library. Use appropriate language and behavior.
  • Allow others to use the library in peace. Disruptive, harassing or threatening behavior is not allowed.
  • As a courtesy to others, cell phones, pagers, and other electronic devices must be set to silent or vibrating mode. Cell phone use is not permitted in the library.
  • Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times.
  • While we love animals, they are not permitted except as guide or assist animals.
  • Eating and drinking is only allowed at library sponsored events.
  • Treat library property with care. Theft of library property or any purposeful damage done to the material, equipment, furniture, building or property of the library is against the law.
  • Scooters, skateboards, roller blades, and roller skates may not be used on library property. Items may be stored behind the Circulation Desk and be retrieved upon leaving.
  • Activities that could lead to injury or damage to library property, such as climbing on the Fiddleheads sculpture, benches or trees located on Library property is not permitted.
  • We do not allow solicitations, petitions or canvassing in the library or on library premises without the authorization of the Library Director.
  • The Norwich Public Library is a tobacco-free and drug-free zone. This includes electronic cigarettes.



Adopted by the Board of Trustees, October 27, 2003

Revised September 2005, August 2016