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Yin & Yang — Polar Opposites, at NPL

November 5 – December 27
Free and open (during library hours)

Louise Foster’s exhibit, Yin & Yang — Polar Opposites, opens on November 5th (details can be found here) in our community room. She shared some insight about the show, which can be found below.

Yin and Yang – Polar Opposites

A region known for its apples. and the other called “The Big Apple.”  But what could be more antithetical than the sky, and space of unadulterated Vermont and the glitz and a certain amount of grit  packed along both sides of the East River?  Both hold a special fascination for me – Vermont because of its purity and back to basics attitude and the area on both sides of the East River, for the glamorous and bold genre to which I will never completely relate.  I present here some of my representations of both.  I hope you enjoy them and I would welcome your comments.

Rural Vermont

Vermont is where three of my grandchildren live, so that alone makes it special.  But I have learned there is so much more here.  It is laundry hanging in pure, clear air.  It is fresh produce displayed under an autumn blue sky.  How about an antique corn crib, which has witnessed more stories than words can tell, or a great blue heron fishing the length of the Connecticut River many times over.   The Ompompanoosuc  River, which everyone here can pronounce and even spell,  nurturing a family of endangered osprey.  A hummingbird, wings rapidly beating, as it sups on nectar from a flower!  A sunset over Lake Farlee.   Absolute Vermont!

Along Brooklyn’s East River

There is a fascinating contrast between the quirky character of Brooklyn’s older neighborhoods and the edginess one senses in Manhattan, just a stone’s throw across the East River.  But even with the glitz of the Manhattan skyline, the throb of the subways below; and the intrigue of the river itself; in my mind, the Bridges connecting the two boroughs are what loom large here.  Explore a little street, turn a corner, and wham! there is one of those Bridges – bold and majestic.  They are like urban moons,  always up there, but sometimes sneaking beyond our awareness.  The Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridges, are like siblings, when you search for one, you’ll likely stumble on the other first.