…to help test our new Interlibrary Loan system!

A message from Assistant Librarian Lisa Milchman
On August 1, our statewide Interlibrary Loan system was retired by the Vermont Department of Libraries and replaced with a brand spanking new, state-of-the art system called CLoVER (Collaborative Libraries of VERmont).


From where I sit, this new system has been a dream come true — much easier to search and to use. I believe that it has made our ILL service faster and more reliable. CLoVER also comes with a new feature, one that many patrons have been asking about for years: the ability to place requests for yourself.


Before turning this service on for all patrons, and in order to see what the pitfalls might be, I would like to do a pilot project with interested patrons this month. If you are one of those patrons who have asked after this feature for years, or if you are reading this now and saying “Wow, that would be great!” — I would like to include you in this pilot project. Please call the library or email me to let me know to count you in!


We are excited to be offering this new feature. Of course, if you prefer that we carry on with doing your ILL searches for you, we’ll continue to do so with pleasure. Keep those requests coming!