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Tip of the Month: Book Ratings & Recommendations

Did you know that the online catalog can give you automatic reading recommendations based on your ratings of books you’ve read? Follow these easy steps to rate books and access recommendations.

To get started, go to and log into your account by clicking on “Sign In” in the upper right-hand corner (if you don’t know your password, use the password reset link on the login screen, or contact the library for assistance).

Next, search for books you’ve read and click on the stars under each cover image to rate the book. The website will ask you if you want to leave a book review visible to other library patrons. You’re welcome to leave a review, but you don’t have to leave reviews in order to access recommendations.

After you’ve rated at least five books, go to your account by clicking on the menu icon in the upper right-hand corner, and then clicking on “Your Account.”

On the left side of your account, click on “Recommended for You” to see a list of recommendations. The recommendations will change and become more accurate as you rate more books over time!