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Tip of the Month: Accessing Consumer Reports

Did you know you can access Consumer Reports for free with your NPL card? Check it out before you buy your next big thing!

Consumer Reports provides ratings and reviews of a wide variety of vehicles, electronics, household goods, and exercise equipment. To access Consumer Reports online, click here.

You’ll see the login screen below. Enter your library card number in the “Patron ID” box and click “Sign In.”

When you see the screen below, click on “”

From the homepage of Consumer Reports, you can search for a specific type of item or browse the menu of categories (highlighted here in the purple box) to find what you’re looking for.

When you place your mouse over a category in the menu, you’ll see a number of narrower product categories for which you can view ratings and reviews. Click on a product category.

Within each category, you can click to view ratings of different products, Consumer Reports’ product recommendations, and a full buying guide.