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The Fine Art of Virtual Browsing

Wondering how to find your next read from afar? We have some suggestions.

NoveList Select

Available right in our catalog! Look up any book and the NoveList suggestions appear at the bottom of the page. Look for “read-alike” titles, similar authors, and “story elements” such as “appeal,” “character,” “themes,” and “genre.” (Read more about story elements.) Depending on the book, you may find other content, such as awards, book lists, and reading guides. Click any author or title for it to search the catalog.


Producer of our weekly new materials newsletter, Wowbrary also creates a web page version of the newsletter, which allows you to view previous weeks’ newsletter. Click on a topic in the left-hand list to narrow your browse.

Gale Books & Authors

Provided by the state of Vermont, this resources lets you browse by genre.

Ask us!

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