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July Storytime Books

These are books related to the themes of Storytime.

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Summer Fun (7/5/17)

Hall, D. The Farm Summer 1942 (JP Hall)

Hall, D. Lucy’s Summer (JP Hall)

Williams, V. Lucky Song (JP Williams)

London, J. Sun Dance, Water Dance (JP London)

Soman, D. Ladybug Girl at the Beach (JP Soman)

McClure, N. Mama, is it Summer Yet? (JP McClure)

Thompson, L. Mouse’s First Summer (JP Thompson)

Aliki. Those Summers (JP Aliki)

Demarest, C. Summer (JT Demarest)


Good Night Construction Site

Dewdney, A. Little Excavator (JP Dewdney)

Sobel, J. B Is for Builder (JP Sobel)

Burton, V. Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel (JP Burton)

Bee, W. Stanley the Builder (JP Bee)

Pallotta, J. The Construction Alphabet Book (JP Pallotta)

Springstubb, T. Phoebe & Digger (JP Springstubb)

Hennessy, B. G. Road Builders (JP Hennessy)

Fleming, D. Alphabet Under Construction (JP Fleming)


A Home for Everyone

Bean, J.  Building Our House (JP Bean)

Yolen, J. Soft House (JP Yolen)

Hoberman, M. A House Is a House For Me (JP Hoberman)

Beck, S. Little House, Little Town  (JP Beck)

Moore, I. A House in the Woods (JP Moore)

Van Dusen, C. If I Built a House (JP Van Dusen)

Krauss, R.  A Very Special House (JP Krauss)

Freedman, D.  This House, Once (JP Freedman)

Seuss, Dr. Come Over to My House (JP Seuss)


Cities and Skyscrapers

Dunn, J. ABC London (JP Dunn)

Hopkinson, D. Sky Boys (JP Hopkinson)

Takabayashi, M. I live in Tokyo (JP Takabayashi)

Puck. Wow! New York City (JP Puck)

Jenkins, W. New York, Baby! (JP Jenkins)

Kiernan, P. Good Morning City (JP Kiernan)

Zullo, G. Sky High (JP Zullo)