September Story Time

Every month we archive our readings and their related themes from Word Play story times. Did you love a book from our readings together or else are looking for a good book? Check out this list of September’s themes!

Hello & Welcome Back

Ledyard, S. Home Is a Window (JP Ledyard)

Miller, P.  Remarkably You (JP Miller)

Bailey, J.  A Friend For Henry (JP Bailey)

Reynolds, P.  Say Something (JP Reynolds)

Hische, J.  Tomorrow I’ll Be Brave (JP Hische)

Doerrfeld, C.  Goodbye, Friend!  Hello, Friend! (JP Doerrfeld)

Sutton, S.  Dig Dump Roll (JP Sutton)

Higgins, C.  Everything You Need for a Treehouse (JP Higgins)

Making Friends

Light, K. Louise and Andie The Art of Friendship (JP Light)

Meddour, W.  Lubna and Pebble (JP Meddour)

Stead, P.  Hello, My Name is Ruby (JP Stead)

Hill, S.  Moon’s First Friends  (JP Hill)

Brown, P.  You Will Be My Friend (JP Brown)

Nyeu, T.  Squid and Octopus Friends for Always (JP Nyeu)

Parker, D.  Molly & Mae (JP Parker)

Blegvad, E.  First Friends (JP Blegvad)


Yee, W.  My Autumn Book (JP Yee)

Knutson, K.  Ska-tat!  (JP Knutson)

Simon, S.  Autumn Across America (508.73 Simon)

Holland, L.  Fall Leaves ( JP Holland)

O’Brien, A.  Hocus Pocus, It’s Fall! (JP O’Brien)

Romanova, N.  Once There Was a Tree (JP Romanova)

Lyon, G.  ABCEDAR (JP Lyons)

Stringer, L.  Yellow Time (JP Stringer)

Goldstone, B.  Awesome Autumn (508.2 Goldstone)

Hall, M.  Wonderfall (JP Hall)

McCarty, P.  Fall Ball  (JP MCCarty)

Plourde, L.  Bella’s Fall Coat (JP Plourde)