Children Readers Advisory

November Storytime

Every month we archive our readings and their related themes from Word Play story times.

Did you love a book from our readings together or else are looking for a good book? Check out this list of books from November’s themes!

Mice are Nice

Duke, K.  The Tale of Pip & Squeak (JP Duke)

Gravett, E.  Little Mouse’s Big Book of Beasts (JP Gravett)

Hendry, D.  The Very Noisy Night (JP Hendry)

Henkes, K. A Weekend With Wendell (JP Henkes)

Kirk, D.  Library Mouse (JP Kirk)

Lithgow, J.  Mahalia Mouse goes to College (JP Lithgow)

Rudy, M.  City Mouse, Country Mouse (JP Rudy)

Rudy, M.  I wish I had a Pet (JP Rudy)

Rylant, C.  In November (JP Rylant)

Wright, J.  The Secret Circus (JP Wright)

Being Together

Dominguez, A.  Knit Together (JP Dominguez)

Mora, O.  Saturday (JP Mora)

Nichols, L.  Maple & Willow Together (JP Nichols)

Portis, A.  Now (JP Portis)

Simmons, J.  Together (JP Simmons)

Tokunbo, D.  Together (JP Tokunbo)

Waber, B.  Ask Me (JP Waber)

Zeifert, H.  Families Have Together (JP Ziefert)

Let’s Eat!

Brisson, P.  Before We Eat: from Farm to Table (JP Brisson)

Dooley, N.  Everybody Brings Noodles (JP Dooley)

Dooley, N.  Everybody Cooks Rice (JP Dooley)

Dooley, N.  Everybody Serves Soup (JP Dooley)

Florence, T. Tyler Makes Pancakes (JP Florence)

Jocelyn, M.  Eats (JP Jocelyn)

Keller, L.  Arnie the Doughnut (JP Keller)

Lin, G.  Dim Sum for Everyone (JP Lin)

Being Thanksfull

Hegarty, P.  We Are Family (JP Hegarty)

Mackall, D.  The Fantastic Gifts of Fall (JP Mackall)

Miligrim, D.  Thank You, Thanksgiving (JP Miligrim)

Rotner, S.  Families (JP Rotner)

Spinelli, E.  Thankful (JP Spinelli)

Sutherland, M.  Thanksgiving Is For Giving Thanks (JP Sutherland)

Verde, S.  I Am Love: A Book of Compassion (JP Verde)