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Storytime Books for August

These are books related to the themes of storytime.

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Bebop and Jazz

Dillion, D. Rap A Tap Tap (JP Dillion)

Winter, J. Jazz Age Josephine (J B Baker)

J 781.6 Orgill. Jazz Day The Making of A Famous Photograph (J 781.6 Orgill)

J 811 Myers. Jazz (J 811 Myers)

Dillion, D. Jazz On Saturday Night (JP Dillion)

Ehrhardt, K. This Jazz Man (JP Ehrhardt)

Raschka, C. Charlie Parker Played Be bop (JP Raschka)

Wheeler, L. Jazz Baby (JP Wheeler)

Powell, P. Josephine (J B Baker)

J 811 Marsalis. Jazz A B Z (J 811 Marsalis)


Music That Moves Me

J 780 Igus. I See the Rhythm (J 780 Igus)

JP Segal, K. The Wheels on the Tuk Tuk (JP Sehgal)

JP Foley, G. Kat Writes A Song (JP Foley)

JP Sif, B. Frances Dean Who Loved to Dance and Dance (JP Sif)

JP Ormerod, J. Ms. MacDonald Has A Class (JP Ormerod)

JP McPhail, D. Mole Music (JP McPhail)

JP Guidone, T. Drum City (JP Guidone)

J 780 Aliki. Ah, Music (J 780 Aliki)

J 782.42 La Prise, L. The Hokey Pokey (J 782.42 La Prise)

JP Busse, S. Banjo Granny (JP Busse)


Instramentally Yours

JP Polacco, P. Ginger and Petunia (JP Polacco)

JP Millman, I. Moses Goes to a Concert (JP Millman)

JP Litchfield, D. The Bear and the Piano (JP Litchfield)

JP Kuskin, K. The Philharmonic Gets Dressed (JP Kuskin)

JP Parker, R. Piano Starts Here (JP Parker)

JP Perkins, L. The Cardboard Piano (JP Perkins)

JP Marsalis, W. Squeak, Rumble, Whomp, Whomp, Whomp! (JP Marsalis)

JP Moss, L. Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin (JP Moss)

JP Sassi, L. Diva Delores and the Opera House Mouse (JP Sassi)