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September Storytimes

These are books related to the themes of Storytime.

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Hello, Hello

Muth, J. Hi, Koo!  (JP Muth)

Steinmann, D. Hello Grand Mamoon! (JP Steinmann)

Walter, V. Hi, Pizza Man! (JP Walter)

Gianferrari, M. Hello Goodbye Dog (JP Gianferrari)

Murphy, M. Say Hello Like This! (JP Murphy)

Scott, A. Hi (JP Scott)

Aliki. Hello! Good-bye! (JP Aliki)

Cordell, M. Hello! Hello! (JP Cordell)

Juster, N. The Hello, Goodbye Window (JP Juster)

Stead, P. Hello, My Name Is Ruby (JP Stead)

Harris, R. Hello Benny!  (JP Harris)

Schlein, M. Hello, Hello! (JP Schlein)

Handicott, B. The Hello Atlas (J 413 Handicott)

Voake, C. Hello Twins (JP Voake)

Goodrich, C. Say Hello to Zorro! (JP Goodrich)

Kimmelman, L. Everybody Bonjours (JP Kimmelman)



DiPucchio, K. Littles and How They Grow (JP DiPucchio)

DiPucchio, K. One Little, Two Little, Three Little Children (JP DiPucchio)

Harshman, M. One Big Family (JP Harshman)

Nedelcu, O. Just Like Daddy (JP Nedelcu)

Shannon, G. One Family (JP Shannon)

Newman, L. Heather Has Two Mommies (JP Newman)

Parr, T. The Family Book (JP Parr)

Polacco, P. In Our Mothers’ House (JP Polacco)

Monk, I. Family (JP Monk)

Kanevsky, P. Here is the Baby (JP Kanevsky)

Lasky, K. Before I Was Your Mother (JP Lasky)

Morris, A. Families (JP Morris)

Isadora, R. What A Family! (JP Isadora)

Lang, S. Families, Families, Families! (JP Lang)

Parr, T. We Belong Together (JP Parr)

Negley, K. My Dad Used To Be So Cool! (JP Negley)

Ahlberg, A. Mockingbird (JP Ahlberg)