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September Storytime Books

These are books related to the themes of storytime.

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Say Hello

Cordell, M. Hello! Hello! (JP Cordell)

Walter, V. Hi, Pizza Man! (JP Walter)

Pak, K. Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn (JP Pak)

Foreman, J. Say Hello (JP Foreman)

Uff, C. Hello, Lulu (JP Uff)

Goodrich, C. Say Hello To Zorro! (JP Goodrich)

Steinmann, D. Hello Grand Mamoon! (JP Steinmann)

Voake, C. Hello, Twins (JP Voake)

Handicott, B. Hello Atlas (J 413 Handicott)

Harris, R. Hello Benny! (JP Harris)

Kimmelman, L. Everybody Bonjours! (JP Kimmelman)

Juster, N. The Hello, Goodbye Window (JP Juster)

Aliki. Hello! Good-bye (JP Aliki)

Murphy, M. Say Hello Like This! (JP Murphy)

Stead, P. Hello, My Name Is Rudy (JP Stead)

Muth, J. Hi, Koo! (JP Muth)

Scott, A. Hi (JP Scott)

Schlein, M. Hello, Hello (JP Schlein)


Back To School

Borden, L. Kindergarten Luck. (JP Borden)

Giaman, N. Chu’s First Day Of School (JP Giaman)

Capucilli, A. Not This Bear (JP Capucilli)

Yoon, S. Bears Big Day (JP Yoon)

George, L. Back to School Tortoise (JP George)

Creech, S. A Fine, Fine School (JP Creech)

Shaffer, J. It’s Your First day of School Busy Bus (JP Shaffer)

Wells, R. McDuff Goes to School (JP Wells)


Talk Like a Pirate

McKay, H. Pirates Ahoy! (JP McKay)

Jardine, A. Sloop John B (JP Jardine)

Lyon, G. The Pirate of Kindergarten (JP Lyon)

Sarah, L. Big Friends (JP Sarah)

Crimi, C. Henry and the Buccaneer Bunnies (JP Crimi)

Bently, P. Captain Jack and the Pirates (JP Bently)

Chapman, J. Pirate Viking & Scientist (JP Chapman)

Sturges, P. This Little Pirate (JP Sturges)

Bunting, E. Little Badger Terror of the Seven Seas (JP Bunting)


Colors of Fall

Hall, Z. Fall Leaves fall! (JP Hall)

Holland, L. Fall Leaves (JP Holland)

Sayre, A. Full of Fall (JP Sayre)

Knutson, K. Ska-tat! (JP Knutson)

O’Brien, A. Hocus Pocus, It’s Fall! (JP O’Brien)

Berger, C. The Little Yellow Leaf (JP Berger)

Hall, M. Wonderfall (JP Hall)

Rustad, M. Fall Leaves Colorful and Crunchy (JP Rustad)