September Instagram Photo Challenge

We’re on Instagram! And we’re getting warmed up with an all-ages photo challenge. Check us out at NorwichPubLib

A photo challenge is like a scavenger hunt you can do anywhere. Each day has a prompt–take a photo and post it to Instagram with the hashtag #NPLSeptchallenge.

Don’t have an Instagram account? You can still keep up with the latest by bookmarking our account in your web browser.

This month’s prompts:

Friday 1 Dog Days of Summer

Saturday 2 By the Sea

Sunday 3 Reading in Bed

Monday 4 Day Off

Tuesday 5 Revisiting a Beloved School Book

Wednesday 6 Creative Cookery

Thursday 7 Puzzling

Friday 8 Book Recs for the Birds

Saturday 9 New Beginnings

Sunday 10 Great Grandparents

Monday 11 New York, New York

Tuesday 12 I Like Big Books

Wednesday 13 Happy Birthday Roald Dahl

Thursday 14 Get Crafty

Friday 15 Dot Day

Saturday 16 Curiouser and Curiouser

Sunday 17 Old Favorites

Monday 18 Always Alice

Tuesday 19 Positively Piratical

Wednesday 20 Something Magical

Thursday 21 Peace

Friday 22 Tough Guys

Saturday 23 Small Wonder

Sunday 24 Out the Window

Monday 25 For the Blues

Tuesday 26 Banned Books

Wednesday 27 In the Style of Your Favorite Photographer

Thursday 28 Make a Wish

Friday 29 At Night

Saturday 30 Comfort Food in Book Form