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One Teen Story

In a reading rut? Too busy to commit to a long novel? Know a teenager who’s always looking for new fiction? Then check out the award-winning literary magazine One Teen Story.

Each issue of One Teen Story features a single piece of short fiction. Those of us who remember zines from the ’80s and ’90s, or the “little magazines” of the 1960s and earlier, will find a familiar aesthetic in these simple, ad-free pamphlets.

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The target audience is readers aged 14 and up, but, as fans of the Divergent series, The Book Thief and The Fault In Our Stars already know, YA lit isn’t just for the particularly “Y” anymore. One Teen Story is a great way both to catch up on the latest from established authors and to learn about emerging writers (some of the contributors are teenagers themselves). And at about 5,000 words each, these stories are small enough to stash in your pocket.

We’ve got a full run of One Teen Story downstairs in the library. And if you can’t get enough of young adult lit, consider dropping by the next I Read YA event. This monthly discussion series is co-hosted by the library and held every third Thursday at the Norwich Bookstore.

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