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Podcasts for Readers

by Beth Reynolds, Children’s Librarian.

Ever since Serial came on the scene, I’ve become very passionate for listening to podcasts. (“Obsessed with” might be a bit strong, though probably more accurate…)
I have a long list of favorites, and each week I download the newest offerings. I listen when I exercise, walk the dog, bake, knit, and on my commute to work.

They fall into several categories, but most of them are focused on books. I discovered Book Riot a while ago and have become a faithful listener to their general show released on Mondays.   But All the Books is my favorite show. Rebecca and Liberty, The Well-Redheads, talk about the week’s newly released books. They discuss fiction, non-fiction, and kids books. I often find myself writing down titles to add to my TBR list. This pair reads a ton of books, and it’s fun to hear them share their latest loves.


Then, on Thursdays, the Get Booked podcast is released. Amanda and Jenn answer questions from readers and recommend books for all occasions, like what to suggest next to your bookclub or audiobooks for car-trips. These women read widely, and both are invested in introducing readers to authors with diverse backgrounds. I’ve added some essay collections to my reading list as well as a few romances.


Both of these podcasts help keep me up-to-date in the world of books, and it’s information I use here at the library. I love having more books at my fingertips to recommend to all of you. But it’s also fun just to listen to people talk about similar passions. Okay, obsessions. Addiction might be taking it a bit too far. Maybe…


Need help setting up your device to listen to podcasts? Just ask a librarian!