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Podcasts for Creativity

by Beth Reynolds, Children’s Librarian and podcast listener extraordinaire

How ironic: in trying to write an article about getting creatively inspired by podcasts, I’m feeling like I don’t know how to begin.
I suppose I should just tell you that these podcasts often energize me and pick me up when I need it most. Some, like Just Between You And Me, are casual conversation that touch on all different types of artistic media — filmmaking, writing, music. And Elizabeth Gilbert’s Magic Lessons is often the kick in the pants I need to stop making excuses and just start writing.
Most of the other creatively inspiring podcasts I listen to are focused on authors: Between the Covers, Otherppl, Hashtag Authentic88 Cups of Tea… I listen because I want to pick up tips and tricks and push myself to keep working on my novel in the hopes that someday I’ll actually finish it. But most of the podcasts are interesting to readers as well; you can discover how and why an author was able to write a certain book. Though several of these tend to focus more on fiction, Longform is noteworthy because it focuses on non-fiction. Of particular interest are the episodes featuring Jeff Sharlet, Brian Reed (the man behind S-town), and Hrishikesh Hirway. Hirway hosts my other favorite podcast, Song Exploder. Though I am not someone who writes music, I love process, and hearing the artists talk about their creation makes for an interesting show.
Do you listen to podcasts for inspiration? Which ones are on your list? Feel free to share them with me — I’m always interested in adding more.