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October Storytime

These are books related to the themes of Storytime.

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The Color of Fall

Plourde, L. Bella’s Fall Coat (JP Plourde)

Snow, V. Fall Walk (J 575.5 Snow)

Holland, L. Fall Leaves (JP Holland)

Maass, R. When Autumn Comes (JP Maass)

Schnur, S. Autumn (JP Schnur)

Hall, Z. Fall Leaves Fall! (JP Hall)

Pak, K. Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn (JP Pak)

Hall, M. Wonderfall (JP Hall)

ALL Around My Town

Berner, R. In the Town All year ‘Round (JP Berner)

Schwartz, J. Town Is by the Sea (JP Schwartz)

Hudes, Q. Welcome to My Neighborhood! (JP Hudes)

Bond, R. Bravo, Maurice (JP Bond)

Isadora, R. Say Hello! (JP Isadora)

Sayre, A. It’s My City! (JP Sayre)

Beck, S. Little House, Little House (JP Beck)

Cooper, E. A Good Night Walk (JP Cooper)

Mackay, E. Butterfly Park (JP Mackay)

Campoy, F. Maybe Something Beautiful (JP Campoy)

Russell, N. Brown Rabbit in the City (JP Russell)

Kiernan, P. Good Morning City (JP Kiernan)

Yaccarino, D. Every Friday (JP Yaccarino)

The Whole Wonderful World

Takabayashi, M. I Live in Tokyo (JP Takabayashi)

Rubbino, S. A Walk in New York (JP Rubbino)

Rubbino, S. A Walk in Paris (JP Rubbino)

Rubbino, S. A Walk in London (JP Rubbino)

Lewis, J. A World of Wonders (JP Lewis)

Handicott, B. Hello Atlas (JP Handicott)

Noda, T. Dear World (JP Noda)

Gleeson, L. Half a World Away (JP Gleeson)

Johnston, T. The Whole Green World (JP Johnston)

McGinty, A. Thank You World (JP McGinty)

Kerly, B. One World, One Day (JP Kerley)

Hughes, S. Up! How Families Around the World Carry Their Little Ones (JP Hughes)

Viva, F. A Trip to the Bottom of the World With Mouse (JP Viva)

Happy Halloween

Rylant, C. Herbert’s First Halloween (JP Rylant)

Brenner, T. And Then Comes Halloween (JP Brenner)

Bliss, H. The Sweetest Witch Around (JP Bliss)

Hills, T. Duck & Goose Honk! Quack! Boo! (JP Hills)

Teague, M. One Halloween Night (JP Teague)

Muth, J. Zen Ghosts (JP Muth)

Glassman, M. Halloween (JP Glassman)

Martin, B. Trick or Treat? (JP Martin)

Hatch, E. Halloween Night (JP Hatch)

Stock, C. Halloween Monster (JP Stock)

Dunrea, O. Ollie’s Halloween (JP Dunrea)

Shaw, N. Sheep Trick or Treat (JP Shaw)

Seeger, L. Dog and Bear Tricks and Treats (JP Seeger)

Kohara, K. Ghosts in the House (JP Kohara)