Children Readers Advisory, Storytime

October Story Time

Every month we archive our readings and their related themes from Word Play story times.

Did you love a book from our readings together or else are looking for a good book? Check out this list of books from October’s themes!

Apples All Around

Arnold, K.  That Apple Is Mine! (JP Arnold)

Berry, L.  Ducking For Apples (JP Berry)

Holub, J.  Apple Countdown (JP Holub)

Hopkinson, D.  Apples to Oregon (JP Hopkinson)

Kleven, Elisa.  The Apple Doll (JP Kleven)

Mari, L.  The Apple and the Butterfly (JP Mari)

McClure, N. Apple (JPMcClure)

Murray, A.  Apple Pie ABC (JP Murray)

Naslund, G.  Our Apple Tree (JP Naslund)

Paschkis, Julie.  Apple Cake (JP Paschkis)

Ziefert, H.  One Red Apple (JP Ziefert)

Bear Hugs

Henkes, K.  Old Bear (JP Henkes)

McGinness, S.  My Bear Griz (JP McGinness)

McKinlay, M.  No Bears (JP McKinlay)

McPhail, D.  Drawing Lessons From a Bear (JP McPhail)

Moss, M.  Bare Bear (JP Moss)

Parenteau, S. Bears on Chairs (JP Parenteau)

Stead, P.  Bear Has a Story to Tell (JP Stead)

Wilson, K.  Bear’s New Friend (JP Wilson)

Moose You So Much

Alexander, M.  Even That Moose Won’t Listen to Me (JP Alexander)

Bingham, K.  Circle, Square, Moose (JP Bingham)

Bingham, K.  Z is for Moose (JP Bingham)

Dey, J.  Agate: what good is a moose? (JP Dey)

Hamburg, J.  A Moose That Says MOOOOO (JP Hamburg)

Jeffers, O.  This Moose Belongs to Me (JP Jeffers)

Moore, I.  A House in the Woods (JP Moore)

Rayner, C.  Ernest the Moose Who Doesn’t Fit (JP Rayner)

Slepian, J.  Lost Moose (JP Slepian)

Van Laan, N.  Busy Busy Moose (E Van Lann)

Wiseman, B.  Morris The Moose (E Wiseman)

My Dearest Pumpkin

Cox, J.  Pick A Pumpkin, Mrs. Millie!  (JP Cox)

Holub, J.  Pumpkins Countdown (JP Holub)

McNamara, M.  How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin? (JP McNamara)

Peterson, M.  Piggies in the Pumpkin Patch (JP Perterson)

Rockwell, A.  Apples and Pumpkins (JP Rockwell)

Cummins, L.  Stumpkin (JP Cummins)

Beard, D.  The Pumpkin Man from Piney Creek (JP Beard)

Bats Off to You

Brenner, T. And Then Comes Halloween (JP Brenner)

McGhee, A.  Only A Witch Can Fly (JP McGhee)

Muth, J.  Zen Ghost (JP Muth)

Paquette, A.  Ghost in the House (JP Paquette)

Rockwell, A.  Pumpkin Day, Pumpkin Night (JP Rockwell)