NPL Volunteers Make a Difference!

by Janis Murcic, Circulation Manager and Volunteer Supervisor

The week of April 10th is a special time for the Norwich Public Library. Trustees and staff are delighted that National Volunteer Appreciation Week offers us an official opportunity to recognize the myriad and varied contributions of our dedicated volunteers, and to thank them for their generous gifts of time, talent, and good humor, which make all the difference to the library’s vitality.

Significant Volunteer Benchmarks

Five of our volunteers merit special recognition and congratulations for reaching benchmarks in their length of service to the library during the past year. Length of service at the library can range from less than a year to over 40+ years. They are:

  • Aaron Paine, a devoted volunteer from Thetford, has reached 15 years.
  • Susan White and Kenneth Cracknell, co-owners of Sutton Books in Norwich as well as strong supporters of the Friends of the Library, have each achieved 10 years of service.
  • Suzanne Champlin has been a weekly shelver extraordinaire for the past 5 years, and Sheldon Novick has also reached the 5-year benchmark.

To mark their years of service, the library will purchase a book for its collection with a special book plate in the volunteer’s name, along with years of service. Thank you, Aaron, Susan, Kenneth, Suzanne, and Sheldon for all that you do!

During this special week, we will be recognizing all 40 of our loyal volunteers with a gift from another sort of library: Hudson Valley Seed Library in Accord, New York, a small, independent farm practicing seed stewardship with all varieties of flowers, herbs, and vegetables open-pollinated and non-GMO. A very special feature is that each packet is designed by a different artist.

As volunteers are the sowers of curiosity, joy, and community engagement at the library, we hope sowing the seeds of nature and beauty will be another source of satisfaction to them. Volunteers, please come in the week of April 10 and select your “Art Pack.”



Friends of the Library

We also want to recognize and express our gratitude to the Friends of the Library, a distinct group of volunteers who raise funds on our behalf with such events as, the Soup and Bread Lunch held at the Grange last month, and the upcoming annual Mother’s Day Plant Sale on the library’s front lawn. NPL is deeply grateful to this highly dedicated group for their commitment to supporting the library. Thank you Friends!