NPL Volunteer Hikes the John Muir Trail

In September 2015, NPL volunteer Linda Pierce hiked the 215-mile John Muir Trail in California and climbed Mount Whitney (almost 15k feet in elevation), the highest peak in the continental U.S. This section of the Pacific Coast Trail in the Sierras is considered a highly challenging hike.

Linda, a serious backpacker, also hiked the Appalachian Trail — solo — in 2007. On this trip, a friend accompanied her for the first six days of the seventeen-day trek. After that, Linda forged ahead from the Kearsarge Pass. Much of the trail was above the tree line with views of beautiful but frigidly cold-water lakes which Linda captured in her 400 photos of the magnificent landscape. Although she ran into smoky haze from the forest fires raging in CA, there was only one day the smoke irritated her eyes. The trail ended in Yosemite National Park, which John Muir had thoroughly explored and roamed back in the 1870s. His advocacy to preserve the area succeeded in 1890 when it was designated as a national park.

Please join the NPL library staff in congratulating Linda on the successful completion of yet another backpacking adventure, and we look forward to seeing photographs from her next backpacking journey. Hooray for Linda!

(The picture above is one Linda took of Thousand Island Lake, located in the Ansel Adams Wilderness, Madera County, California.)

Emergency shelter
Emergency shelter built in honor of John Muir by the Sierra Club in the 1930s, located on the John Muir Trail. John Muir was the founder and first president of the Sierra Club in 1892.
Along the John Muir Trail.
Along the John Muir Trail.