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November Storytime

These are books related to the themes of Storytime.

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The Wonderful Alphabet

Jeffers, O. Once Upon an Alphabet (JP Jeffers)

Cooper, E. 8 An Animal Alphabet (JP Cooper)

Jay, A. ABC (JP Jay)

Jocelyn, M. ABC * 3 (JP Jocelyn)

Carluccio, M. D is for Dress-Up (J 391 Carluccio)

Kirk, S. T is for Tugboat (J 623.8 Kirk)

Cline-Ransome, L. Quilt Alphabet (JP Cline-Ransome)

Christensen, B. An Edible Alphabet (JP Christensen)

Murray, A. Apple Pie ABC (JP Murray)

Shoulders, M. D is for Dump Truck (JP Shoulders)

Lyons, G. ABCEDAR (JP Lyon)

McGuirk, L. If Rocks Could Sing (JP McGuirk)


Time to Rhyme

Taback, S. There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly (JP Taback)

Katz, K. Ten Tiny Babies (JP Katz)

Webb, S. Tanka, Tanka, Skunk! (JP Webb)

Voce, L. Over In The Meadow (JP Voce)

Berkes, M. Over in the Jungle (JP Berkes)

Gunson, C. Over on the Farm (JP Gunson)

Massini, S. Love Always Everywhere (JP Massini)

Hoffman, E. In A Dark Dark Cave (JP Hoffman)

Collins, R. There Is A Bear In My Chair (JP Collins)


Feeling Thankful

Greene, R. The Very First Thanksgiving Day (JP Greene)

London, J. Giving Thanks (JP London)

Wood, D. The Secret of Saying Thanks (JP Wood)

Roberts, B. Thanksgiving Mice! (JP Roberts)

Milgrim, D. Thanks You, Thanksgiving (JP Miligrim)

Spinelli, E. Thankful (JP Spinelli)

Goode, D. Thanksgiving Is Here! (JP Goode)

Scotton, R. Splat says Thank You! (JP Scotton)


Castillo, L. Melvin and the Boy (JP Castillo)

Brown, P. Children Make Terrible Pets (JP Brown)

Bryan, S. A Girl and Her Gator (JP Bryan)

Bryan, S. A Bear and His Boy (JP Bryan)

Bryan, S. A Boy and His Bunny (JP Bryan)

Dubosarsky, U. Rex (JP Dubosarsky)

Birdsall, J. My Favorite Pets (JP Birdsall)

Broach, E. When Dinosaurs Came With Everything (JP Broach)

Barnett, M. Billy Twitters and his Blue Whale Problem (JP Barnett)