November 2018 Storytime books

These are books related to the themes of storytime.

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What to Wear?

Ashburn, B. I Had A Favorite Dress (JP Ashburn)

Corey, S. You Forgot Your Skirt, Amelia Bloomer (JP Corey)

Strauss, L. The Princess Gown (JP Strauss)

Plourde, L. You’re Wearing That to School? (JP Plourde)

DiPucchio, K. Crafty Chloe Dress-Up Mess-Up (JP DiPucchio)

Baldacchino, C. Morris Micklewhite and the Tangerine Dress (JP Baldacchino)

Hoffman, I. Jacob’s New Dress (JP Hoffman)

London, J. Froggy Gets Dressed (JP London)

Caruccio, M. D is for Dress-Up (JP Carluccio)

Sauer, T. Mary Had A Little Glam (JP Sauer)

Fleming, D. Maddie and Michael Get Dressed (JP Fleming)

Andros, C.  The Dress and the Girl (JP Andros)

Time to Eat

Lin, G. Dim Sum for Everyone! (JP Lin)

Dooley, N. Everybody Serves Soup (JP Dooley)

Dooley, N. Everybody Cooks Rice (JP Dooley)

Dooley, N. Everybody Brings Noodles (JP Dooley)

Shelby, A. Potluck (JP Shelby)

Brisson, P. Before We Eat from Farm to Table (JP Brisson)

Jocelyn, M. Eats (JP Jocelyn)

Penfold, A. Food Truck Fest! (JP Penfold)

DePaola, T. Strega Nona’s Harvest (JP DePaola)

Carle, E. Today Is Monday (JP Carle)

Rubin, A. Dragons Love Tacos (JP Rubin)

Florence, T. Tyler Makes Pancakes (JP Florence)

Keller, A. Arnie the Doughnut (JP Keller)

Dobbs, D. Minnie’s Diner (JP Dobbs)

Feeling Thankful

Brown, M. The Friendly Book (JP Brown)

Williams, P. Happy! (JP Williams)

Ray, M. The Thank You Book (JP Ray)

Underwood, D. The Quiet Book (JP Underwood)

394.2 Giving. Giving Thanks (394.2 Giving)

Hong, J. Lovely (JP Hong)

McGinty, A. Thank You World (JP McGinty)

Miller, P. Be Kind (JP Miller)

Wood, D. The Secrets of Saying Thanks (JP Woods)