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May Storytimes

These are books related to the themes of storytime.

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Children’s Book Week

Scanlon, L. Another Way To Climb a Tree (JP Scanlon)

Lloyd, M. Fort Building Time (JP Lloyd)

Denos, J. Windows (JP Denos)

Grant, J. Through With The Zoo (JP Grant)

Jackson, R. This Beautiful Day (JP Jackson)

Maloney, B. Philomena’s New Glasses (JP Maloney)

DiPucchio, K. One Little, Two Little, Three Little Children (JP DiPucchio)


Moms Are Amazing

Dewdney, A. Llama Llama Home With Mama (JP Dewdney)

Dewdney, A. Llama Llama Misses Mama (JP Dewdney)

Newman, L. Mommy, Mama, and Me (JP Newman)

Guion, M. Baby Penguins Love Their Mama! (JP Guion)

Joosse, B. Mama, Do You Love Me? (JP Joose)

Katz, K. Mommy Hugs (JP Katz)

Numeroff, L. What Mommies Do Best (JP Numeroff)

Napoli, D. Hands & Hearts (JP Napoli)

Rinker, S. Silly Wonderful You (JP Rinker)

Lee, T. Waiting For Mama (JP Lee)

Crunk, T. Big Mama (JP Crunk)


Color Me Happy

Dunbar, P. Dog Blue (JP Dunbar)

Aspinall, S. Penguins Love Colors (JP Aspinall)

Carle, E. What’s Your Favorite Color? (JP Carle)

Austin, M. Monsters Love Colors (JP Austin)

Lujan, J. Colors! Colors! (JP Lujan)

Baker, K. Little Green Peas (JP Baker)

Young, J. My Blue Is Happy (JP Young)

Denos, J. Swatch (JP Denos)

Boldt, M. Colors versus Shapes (JP Boldt)

Dobb, E. Dog’s Colorful Day (JP Dobb)

Bramsen, K. The Yellow Tutu (JP Bramsen)

Baker, K. Little Green (JP Baker)

Freedman, D. Blue Chicken (JP Freedman)


Do You Doodle?

Freedman, D. Scribble (JP Freedman)

Davies, M. Ben Draws Trouble (JP Davies)

Myers, C. My Pen (JP Myers)

Ericsson, J. A Piece of Chalk (JP Ericsson)

Colon, R. Draw! (JP Colon)

Yates, L. Dog Loves Drawing (JP Yates)

Holwitz, P. Scribbleville (JP Holwitz)

Heap, S. Danny’s Drawing Book (JP Heap)

Light, K. Louise and Andie The Art OF Friendship (JP Light)

Light, K. Louise Loves Art (JP Light)


Sit & Knit

Klise, K. Grammy Lamby and the Secret Handshake (JP Klise)

Hale, S. Mary Had a Little Lamb (JP Hale)

Marciano, J. Delilah (JP Marciano)

Murray, D. Ned the Knitting Pirate (JP Murray)

Elliot, D. Knitty Kitty (JP Elliot)

Scotton, R. Russell the Sheep (JP Scotton)

Barnett, M. Extra Yarn (JP Barnett)

Roth, J. Knitting Nell (JP Roth)