May-June 2019 Storytime Books

These are books related to the themes of our Word Play storytime meetings.

Flowers in Bloom

Henkes, K. My Garden (JP Henkes)

McQuinn, A.  Lola Plants a Garden (JP McQuinn)

McMillan, B.  Counting Wildflowers (JP McMillan)

Bunting, E.  Flower Garden (JP Bunting)

Quinton, S. Florabelle (JP Quinton)

Wortche, A. Rosie Sprout’s Time to Shine (JP Wortche)

Bruce, L.  Fran’s Flower (JP Bruce)

Wojtowicz, J. The Boy Who Grew Flowers (JP Wojtowicz)

Lucht, I, The Red Poppy (JP Lucht)

Lobel, A. Alison’s Zinnia (JP Lobel)


Marvelous Moms

Stott, A.  I’ll Be There (JP Stott)

Dewdney, A.  Llama Llama Mad At Mama (JP Dewdney)

Newman, L.  Mommy, Mama, and Me (JP Newman)

Napoli, D.  Hands & Hearts (JP Napoli)

Crunk, T.  Big Mama (JP Crunk)

Schiffer, M. Stella Brings the Family (JP Schiffer)

Donofrio, B.  Where’s Mommy (JP Donofrio)

Dewdney, A.  Llama Llama Misses Mama (JP Dewdney)

Lasky, K.  Before I Was Your Mother (JP Lasky)

Polacco, P.  In Our Mothers’ House (JP Polacco)

Stott, A.  Always (JP Stott)

Rinker, S.  Silly Wonderful You (JP Rinker)

Sliwerski, J.  Cancer Hates Kisses (JP Sliwerski)


I Can Fly

Meade, H. If I Never Forever Endeavor (JP Meade)

Lichtenheld, T. Cloudette (JP Lichtenheld)

Hubbell, P. Airplanes (JP Hubbell)

Mannis, C. One Leaf Rides the Wind (JP Mannis)

Krauss, R.  I Can Fly (JP Krauss)

Judge, L. Flight School (JP Judge)

Kleven, E.  Glasswings (JP Kleven)

Lyon, G. Planes Fly! (JP Lyon)

Light, S. Zephyr Takes Flight (JP Light)


Color Me Happy

Lujan, J. Colors! Colores! (JP Lujan)

Young, J. My Blue Is Happy (JP Young)

Boldt, M. Colors versus Shapes (JP Boldt)

Daywalt, D. The day the Crayons Quit (JP Daywalt)

Tamaki, J. They Say Blue (JP Tamaki)

Denos, J.  Swatch (JP Denos)

Dodd, E. Dog’s Colorful Day (JP Dodd)

Baker, K. Little Green Peas (JP Baker)

Stringer, L. Yellow Time (JP Stringer)

Bramsen, K. The Yellow Tutu (JP Bramsen)

Dunbar, P. Blue Dog (JP Dunbar)


Play Ball

Nevius, C. Baseball Hour (JP Nevius)

Lies, B.  Bats at the Ballgame (JP Lies)

Raschka, C.  A Ball for Daisy (JP Raschka)

Corey, S. Players in Pigtails (JP Corey)

Travers, M. Mudball (JP Travers)

Bateman, T.  The Princesses Have a Ball (JP Bateman)

Sullivan, M.  Ball (JP Sullivan)

Cooper, E.  Ballpark (JP Cooper)

Newman, J.  The Boys (JP Newman)

London, J.  Froggy Plays T-Ball (JP London)

George, J.  Nutik & Amaroq Play Ball (JP George)


Ride My Bike

Liu, C.  Bike on Bear (JP Liu)

Davies, M.  Ben Rides On (JP Davies)

Farrell, A.  Cycle City (JP Farrell)

Olaleye, Isaac.  Bikes For Rent (JP Olaleye)

Monroe, C.  Bug on a Bike (JP Monroe)

Wolff, A.  Stella & Roy (JP Wolff)

Cabban, V.  Bertie and Small (JP Cabban)

Rosenberry, V.  Vera Rides a Bike (JP Rosenberry)

Shannon, D.  Duck on a Bike (JP Shannon)

Raschka, C.  Everyone Can Learn to Ride a Bicycle (JP Raschka)


Darling Dad

Joosse, B.  Papa, Do you Love Me?  (JP Joosse)

Bennett, K.  Dad and Pop (JP Bennett)

Martin, D.  Piggy and Dad Go Fishing (JP Martin)

Koehler, F.  How to Cheer Up Dad (JP Koehler)

Cenko, D.  My Papa is A Princess (JP Cenko)

Nevius, C.  Building with Dad (JP Nevius)

Browne, A. My Dad (JP Browne)

Negley, K.  My Dad (JP Negley)

Parr, T.  The Daddy Book (JP Parr)

Rotner, S.  Lots Of Dads (JP Rotner)


Summer Fun

Brenner, T.  And Then Comes Summer (JP Brenner)

Ashman, L.  To the Beach (JP Ashman)

London, J.  Sun Dance Water (JP London)

Crews, N.  One Hot Summer Day (JP Crews)

Schnur, S.  Summer (JP Schnur)

Glaser, L.  It’s Summer (JP Glaser)

Konagaya, K.  Beach Feet (JP Konagaya)

McClure, N.  Mama, Is It Summer Yet?  JP McClure

Hole, S.  Garmann’s Summer (JP Hole)