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March Storytimes

These are books related to the themes of storytime.

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Up In the Sky

Lichtenheld, T. Cloudette (JP Lichtenheld)

Ryder, J. Wild Birds (JP Ryder)

Huneck, S. Sally’s Great Balloon Adventure (JP Huneck)

Birdsall, J. Flora’s Very Windy Day (JP Birdsall)

Hillenbrand, W. Kite Day (JP Hillenbrand)

Niemann, C. The Police Cloud (JP Niemann)

Karas, G. The Windy Day (JP Karas)

Carle, E. Little Cloud (JP Carle)

Lin, G. Kite Flying ((JP Lin)

Sturges, P. I Love Planes (JP Sturges)


All The Green Things and Pie Day

Scanlon, L. The Good-Pie Party (JP Scanlon)

Best, C. Easy As Pie (JP Best)

Murray, L. The Gingerbread Man and the Leprechaun Loose at School (JP Murray)

Seeger, L. Green (JP Seeger)

Priceman, M. How to Make a Cherry Pie and See the USA (JP Priceman)

Scarry, R. The Great Pie Robbery (JP Scarry)

Ehlert, L. Pie in the Sky (JP Ehlert)

Wallace, A. How to Catch a Leprechaun (JP Wallace)


Do Like the Duckies Do

Waddell, M. Webster J. Duck (JP Waddell)

Kohuth, J. Duck Sock Hop (JP Kohuth)

Baker, K. Quack and Count (JP Baker)

Moore, E. Lucky Ducklings (JP Moore)

Hindley, J. Do Like a Duck Does (JP Hindley)

Peters, L. Cold Little Duck, Duck, Duck (JP Peters)

Cecil, R. Duck (JP Cecil)

Urbanovic, J. Duck and Cover (JP Urbanovic)

Urbanovic, J. Sitting Duck (JP Urbanovic)


Bunnies, Bunnies, Bunnies

Hulme, J. Easter Babies (JP Hulme)

Vail, R. Piggy Bunny (JP Vail)

Lobel, A. 10 Hungry Rabbits (JP Lobel)

Russo, B. Yoga Bunny (JP Russo)

Russo, M. The Bunnies Are Not in Their Beds (JP Russo)

Loomis, C. Cowboy Bunnies (JP Loomis)

Loomis, C. Scuba Bunnies (JP Loomis)

Wormell, C. Blue Rabbit and Friends (JP Wormell)

Newberry, C. Marshmallow (JP Newberry)