February 2019 Storytime Books

These are books related to the themes of storytime.

Families Go Together

Nedelcu, O.  Just Like Daddy (JP Nedelcu)

Parr, T.  The Family Book (JP Parr)

Lang, S.  Families, Families, Families! (JP Lang)

Monk, I. Family (JP Monk)

Shannon, G.  One Family (JP Shannon)

Harshman, M.  One Big Family (JP Harshman)

Morris, A.  Families (JP Morris)

Hegarty, P.  We Are Family (JP Hegarty)

O’Leary, S.  A Family is a family is a family (JP O’Leary)



Lakin, P. Beach Day! (JP Lakin)

Knutson, K. Beach Babble (JP Knutson)

Garne, S.  By the Blazing Blue Sea (JP Garne)

Martin, J.  On Sand Island (JP Martin)

John, J.  I Love You Already! (JP John)

Gaiman, N.  Chu’s Day at the Beach (JP Gaiman)

Hills, T.  Duck & Goose (JP Hills)



Dewdney, A.  Llama Llama be my Valentine! (JE Dewdney)

Luyken, C.  My Heart  (JP Luyken)

Roth, S. My Love For You All Year Round (JP Roth)

Hall, M.  My Heart is Like a Zoo (JP Hall)

Baker, L.  I Love You Because You’re You (JP Baker)

Shannon, G.  Hands Say Love (JP Shannon)

Wells, R.  Love Waves (JP Wells)

Joosse, B.  Mama, Do you Love Me?  (JP Joosse)

Joosse, B.  Papa, Do You Love Me?  (JP Joosse)

Pennypacker, S.  Pierre In Love (JP Pennypacker)

Massini, S.  Love Always Everywhere (JP Massini)

Williams, S.  That’s Love (JP Williams)

Cooke, T.  Full, Full, Full of Love (JP Cooke)

Rinker, S.  Silly Wonderful You (JP Rinker)

Pinkwater, D.  Bear in Love (JP Pinkwater)


All Around the World

J 371 Ruurs, M. School Days Around the World (J 371 Ruurs)

J 371 Jackson, E.  It’s Back to School We Go! (J 371 Jackson)

Ichikawa, S.  The First Bear in Africa! (JP Ichikawa)

McGinty, A.  Thank You, World (JP McGinty)

Yi, H. Good Morning China (JP Yi)

Seghal, K. The Wheels on the Tuk Tuk (JP Seghal)

Hughs, S. UP! How Families Around the World Carry Their Little Ones (JP Hughs)

Kerly, B. One World, One Day (JP Kerly)

Martin, B. Listen to Our World (JP Martin)

George, L. Around the World (JP George)

J 796.2 Lankford, M. Hopscotch Around the World (J 796.2 Lankford)

J Martin, B. Baby Bear, Baby Bear, What Do You See? (JP Martin)

Gray, R.  When The World Is Dreaming (JP Gray)

J 398 Beeler, S. Throw Your Tooth on the Roof (J 398 Beeler)