March 2019 Storytime Books

These are books related to the themes of storytime.

Welcome to the Jungle

Carle, E. Slowly, Slowly, Slowly, said the Sloth (JP Carle)

McPhail, D. Edward in the Jungle (JP McPhail)

Schubert, I. The Umbrella (JP Schubert)

Yaccarino, D. Deep in the Jungle (JP Yaccarino)

Thruber, J. The Tiger Who Would Be King (JP Thruber)

Alborough, J. Tall (JP Alborough)

de Haan, L.  King & King & Family (JP de Haan)

Berkes, M.  Over in the Jungle (JP Berkes)

Ellery, T. If I Were A Jungle Animal (JP Ellery)

All Things Green

Birnbaum, A. Green Eyes (JP Birnbaum)

Kuskin, K. Green as a Bean (JP Kuskin)

Baker, K. Little Green Peas (JP Baker)

Thomas, E. Green Beans (JP Thomas)

Baker, K. Little Green (JP Baker)

Seeger, L. Green (JP Seeger)

Wallace, A. How to Catch a Leprechaun (JP Wallace)

Wing, N.  The Night Before St. Patrick’s Day (JP Wing)

Up In The Sky

Carle, E.  Little Cloud (JP Carle)

Huneck, S. Sally’s Great Balloon Adventure (JP Huneck)

Birdsall, J.  Flora’s Very Windy Day (JP Birdsall)

Karas, G.  The Windy Day (JP Karas)

MacKay, E.  Red Sky At Night (JP MacKay)

Reynolds, P. Sky Color (JP Reynolds)

Lin, G. Kite Flying (JP Lin)

Lichtenheld, T.  Cloudette (JP Lichtenheld)

Sturges, P.  I Love Planes! (JP Sturges)

Hillenbrand, W.  Kite Day (JP Hillenbrand)

Do Like a Duck Does

Cecil, R. Duck (JP Cecil)

Shannon, D. Duck on a Tractor (JP Shannon)

Hills, T. Duck, Duck, Goose (JP Hills)

Hindley, J.  Do Like A Duck Does! (JP Hindley)

Holmes, J. Have You Seen Duck? (JP Holmes)

Kohuth, J. Duck Sock Hop (JP Kohuth)

Peters, L. Cold Little Duck, Duck, Duck (JP Peters)

Waddell, M. Webster J. Duck (JP Waddell)

Urbanovic, J.  Duck and Cover (JP Urbanovic)