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On Display: ‘Through the Lens: Vermont Wildlife Portraits’ by Kimberly Hargis

April 1st-May 30th | In the community room

NPL is thrilled to host an exhibit from photographer Kimberly Hargis in the community room. Check the community room calendar here to make sure it’s open when you visit!

Opening Reception: Friday, April 5th, 6-8 PM – all welcome to come meet the artist and get a first peek at the exhibit! Featuring an acoustic musical performance by Neil Fitzgerald. Drinks and light refreshments will be served.

Artist Statement: “This collection showcases a diverse array of photographs capturing our state’s remarkable fauna. From the smallest insects to the most majestic of mammals, these portraits celebrate the intricate tapestry of life that thrives in Vermont’s forests, fields, and waters. My artistic vision for this project is to reveal the splendor of our natural world through careful composition and unwavering focus on detail. Each photograph serves as a window into the lives of our wild neighbors, inviting contemplation and connection.
My inspiration for this exhibition stems from my own intimate relationship with the outdoors.
Living amidst an abundance of wildlife, I have seen moments of quiet beauty and raw survival. Whether witnessing the activities of beavers as they gather materials to build with or observing a dragonfly alight on a sun-dappled leaf, I am constantly reminded of the interconnectedness of all living beings. Through my lens, I seek to convey not only the physical form of these creatures but also their spirit- their resilience, curiosity, and adaptability. Each image reflects the enduring magic of Vermont’s wildlife throughout the seasons. I am deeply honored to share this work with you.”

Artist Bio: Kimberly is a commercial, fine art, and wildlife photographer based in Thetford Center,
Vermont. She’s been taking pictures since childhood and strives to illuminate her subjects
through the elements of visual storytelling. She combines her passion for the outdoors with
highlighting the beauty of the local flora and fauna wherever she finds herself in nature.
Inspiration for her work includes the animals, humans, places, and objects she is most captivated
by on various adventures around the Green Mountains and elsewhere. Kimberly’s work has
appeared in galleries and exhibitions around Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont. Please visit to see more of Kimberly’s work!

Banner image: “Fawn in Flora”, courtesy of the artist.