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June Storytimes

These are books related to the themes of storytime.

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Wonderful Words

Lionni, L. Frederick (JP Lionni)

Ackerman, P. The Lonely Typerwriter (JP Ackerman)

Novak, B. J. The Book With No Pictures (JP Novak)

Wells, R. Yoko Writes Her Name (JP Wells)

Banks, K. Max’s Words (JP Banks)

Bram, E. Rufus the Writer (JP Bram)

Tonatiuh, D. Dear Primo (JP Tonatiuh)

Cleminson, K. Otto The Book Bear (JP Cleminson)

Gay, M. Any Questions? (JP Gay)


Day Out for Dad

Negley, K. My Dad Used to Be So Cool (JP Negley)

Joose, B. Papa, Do you Love Me? (JP Joose)

Koehler, F. How to Cheer Up Dad (JP Koehler)

Koehler, F. Super Jumbo (JP Koehler)

Rotner, S. Lots of Dads (JP Rotner)

Browne, A. My Dad (JP Browne)

Parr, T. The Daddy Book (JP Parr)

Numeroff, L. What Daddies Do Best (JP Numeroff)


Summer Fun

London, J. Sun Dance Water Dance (JP London)

Konagaya, K. Beach Feet (JP Konagaya)

Low, A. Summer (JP Low)

Schnur, S. Summer (JP Schnur)

Crews, N. One Hot Summer Day (JP Crews)

McClure, N. Mama, Is It Summer Yet? (JP Mc Clure)

Hole, S. Garmann’s Summer (JP Hole)