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Antal, Jim, Climate church, climate world (261.8 ANTAL)

Gay, Roxanne (ed.) Not that bad (305 NOT)

Zuckerberg, Randi, Pick three (306.3 ZUCKERBERG)

Schwenke, Chloe, Self-ish (306.76 SCHWENKE)

Chua, Amy, Political tribes (327 CHUA)

Farrow, Ronan, War on peace (327.73 FARROW)

Sederer, Lloyd I., The addiction solution (362.29 SEDERER)

Pollan, Michael, How to change your mind (615.7 POLLAN)

Kurlansky, Mark, Milk! (637 KURLANSKY)

Hauser, Fran, The myth of the nice girl (650.1 HAUSER)

Caulfield, Robert O., Dancing with light (O 759.13 CAULFIELD)



Bittman, Mark, How to grill everything (CBK 641.7 BITTMAN)



Chabon, Michael, Pops (808 CHABON)

Chee, Alexander, How to write an autobiographical novel (814 CHEE)

Berry, Wendell, The world-ending fire (818 BERRY)

Pardlo, Gregory, Air traffic (B PARDLO)



Alam, Rumaan, That kind of mother (F ALAM)

Broder, Melissa, The pisces (F BRODER)

Couto, Mia, Woman of the ashes (F COUTO)

De Kretser, Michelle, The life to come (F DE KRETSER)

Dovey, Ceridwen, In the garden of the fugitives (F DOVEY)

Gabel, Aja, The ensemble (F GABEL)

Kushner, Rachel, The Mars room (F KUSHNER)

McLain, Paula, Love and ruin (F MCLAIN)

Miller, Madeline, Circe (F MILLER)

Moore, Christopher, Noir (F MOORE)

Phillips, Caryl, A view of the empire at sunset (F PHILLIPS)

Powers, Kevin, A shout in the ruins (F POWERS)

Quick, Amanda, The other lady vanishes (F QUICK)

Simsion, Graeme C., Two steps forward (F SIMSION)

Tapper, Jake, The hellfire club (F TAPPER)



Miller, Derek B., Norwegian by night (M MILLER)

Miller, Derek B., American by day (M MILLER)

Patterson, James, Red alert (M PATTERSON)

Sandford, John, Twisted prey (M SANDFORD)

Woods, Stuart, Shoot first (M WOODS)



Camp, Bryan, The city of lost fortunes (SF CAMP)



Albright, Madeleine Korbel, Fascism (CD 320 ALBRIGHT)

Brusatte, Stephen, The rise and fall of the dinosaurs (CD 567.9 BRUSATTE)

Crosley, Sloane, Look alive out there (CD 814 CROSLEY)

Robinson, Marilynne, What are we doing here (CD 814 ROBINSON)

Isikoff, Michael, Russian roulette (CD 973.932 ISIKOFF)

Frazier, Charles. Varina  (CD F FRAZIER)

Hannah, Kristin, The great alone (CD F HANNAH)

Jones, Tayari, An American marriage (CD F JONES)

Quindlen, Anna, Alternate side (CD F QUINDLEN)

Wolitzer, Meg, The female persuasion (CD F WOLITZER)

Connelly, Michael, Two kinds of truth (CD M CONNELLY)

Gardner, Lisa, Look for me (CD M GARDNER)

Meltzer, Brad, The escape artist (CD M MELTZER)

Patterson, James, The 17th suspect (CD M PATTERSON)

Winspear, Jacqueline, To die but once (CD M WINSPEAR)



Borgen Season 1 (DVD BORGEN SEASON 1)

Borgen Season 2 (DVD BORGEN SEASON 2)

Borgen Season 3 (DVD BORGEN SEASON 3)

The bridge Season 1 (DVD BRIDGE SEASON 1)

The bridge. Series 2 (DVD BRIDGE SEASON 2)

The coroner Season 1 (DVD CORONER SEASON 1)

Unforgotten Season 1 (DVD UNFORGOTTEN SEASON 1)