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July Storytimes

These are books related to the themes of storytime.

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Can You Dig It?

Deschamps, N. Machines at Work Digger (J 629.225 Deschamps)

Barnett, M. Sam & Dave Dig A Hole (JP Barnett)

Goetz, S. Old MacDonald Had A Truck (JP Goetz)

Brown, M. The Diggers (JP Brown)

Zimmerman, A. Dig! (Jp Zimmerman)

Carter, D. Get to Work Trucks! (JP Carter)

Dewdney, A. Little Excavator (JP Dewdney)


Rocks In Your Pocket

Salas, P. A Rock Can Be… (JP Salas)

Kugler, C. In Mary’s Garden (JB Nohl)

McGuirk, L. If Rocks Could Sing (JP MCGuirk)

McLerran, A. Roxaboxen (JP McLerran)

Milord, S. Pebble (JP Milord)

Hutchins, H. Mattland (JP Hutchins)

Christian, P. If You Find A Rock (JP Christian)

Banks, K. A Gift From the Sea (JP Banks)

Ray, M. A Rumbly Tumbly Glittery Gritty Place (JP Ray)

Hurst, C. Rocks in His Head (JP Hurst)

Todd-Stanton, J. The Secret of Black Rock (JP Todd-Stanton)

Aston, D. A Rock is Lively (JP Aston)


Strike up the Band

Anderson, P. Chuck’s Band (JP Anderson)

Lies, B. Bats in the Band (JP Lies)

Seeger, P. The Deaf Musicians (JP Seeger)

Fair, D. The Fabulous Four Skunks (JP Fair)

Falconer, I. Olivia forms a Band (JP Falconer)

Andrews, T. Trombone Shorty (JB Andrews)

Parenteau, S. Bears in a Band (JP Parenteau)