July 2019 Storytime Books

Did you love a book from last month’s storytime?

These are books related to the themes of our Word Play storytime meetings.

Up in Space

Milgrim, D. Here in Space (JP Milgrim)

Arnold, T. Fly Guy Presents Space (JE Arnold)

Scieszka, J.  Baloney (JP Scieszka)

Whitman, W.  When I Heard the Learned Astronomer (JP Whitman)

Shaw, N.  Sheep Blast Off! (JP Shaw)

Jeffers, O.  The Way Back Home (JP Jeffers)

Yorkins, A.  Company’s Coming (JP Yorkins)


Shoot for the Moon

Cooney, B.  Basket Moon (JP Cooney)

Yolen, J.  MoonBall (JP Yolen)

Rocco, J. Moonpowder (JP Rocco)

MCAnulty, S.  Moon! (JP MCAnulty)

Pollock, P. When the Moon Is Full (JP Pollock)

Harris, J.  The Moon Is La Luna (JP Harris)

Marino, G.  Meet Me at the Moon (JP Marino)

Pearle, I.  The Moon is going to Addy’s House (JP Pearle)

Lin, G. A Big Mooncake for Little Star (JP Lin)


Awesome Astronaut

Kelly, S.  My Journey to the Stars (J B Kelly, S)

Barton, B.  I Want to Be an Astronaut (JP Barton)

629.45 McCarthy, M.  Astronaut Handbook (J 629.45 McCarthy)

Yaccarino, D. Zoom! Zoom! Zoom! I’m off to the Moon! (JP Yaccarino)

Loomis, C.  Astro Bunnies (JP Loomis)

Landry, L.  Space Boy (JP Landry)


Sun and Stars

811 Florian.  Comets, Stars, the Moon, and Mars (811 Florian)

Frost, H.  Sweep Up the Sun (JP Frost)

Graham, B.  How the Sun Got to Coco’s House (JP Graham)

Ray, M.  Stars (JP Ray)

Carle, E.  Draw Me a Star (JP Carle)

Heine, T.  Star Seeker (JP Heine)

523.8 Mitton.  Zoo in the Sky (523.8 Mitton)

523.8 Branley, F. The Sky is full of Stars (523.8 Branley)

Harper, C.  There Was a Bold Lay Who Wanted a Star (JP Harper)