January Storytime

Every month we archive our readings and their related themes from Word Play Story Times.

Did you love a book from our readings together or else are looking for a good book? Check out this list of books from January’s themes!

New Beginnings

394.2 Bernhard.  Happy New Year!  (394.2 Bernard)

Carrier, R.  A Happy New Year’s Day (JP Carrier)

Gay, M. Good Morning Sam (JP Gay)

Katz, K.  My First Chinese New Year (JP Katz)

Kiernan, P.  Good Morning City (JP Kiernan)

Lewis, P. P Bear’s New Year’s Party (JP Lewis)

Piernas-Davenport, G.  Shante Keys and the New Years Peas (JP Piernas-Davenport)

Woodson, J.  The Day You Begin (JP Woodson)

Yi, H.  Good Morning China (JP Yi)

Making Friends

Bailey, J.  A Friend For Henry (JP Bailey)

Cohen, M.  Will I Have a Friend? (JP Cohen)

Light, K.  Louise and Andie The Art Of Friendship (JP Light)

Lin, G.  Lissy’s Friends (JP Lin)

McPike, E.  Little Bitty Friends (JP McPike)

Meddour, W.  Lubna and Pebble (JP Meddour)

Parker, D.  Molly & Mae (JP Parker)

Robbins, J.  Two of a Kind (JP Robbins)

Walton, J.  Introducing Teddy (JP Walton)

Kindness Counts

Leannah, M.  Most People (JP Leannah)

Massini, S. Love Always Everywhere (JP Massini)

McBratney, S.  You’re All My Favorites (JP McBratney)

McGinty, A.  Thank You, World (JP McGinty)

Mora, P.  Gracias Thanks (JP Mora)

Mora, P.  Thank You, Omu! (JP Mora)

Penfold, A.  All Are Welcome (JP Penfold)

Stein, D.  Because Amelia Smiled (JP Stein)

Williams, S.  That’s Love (JP Williams)

Everywhere Babies

O’Leary, S.  You are One (JP O’Leary)

O’Leary, S. You Are Two (JP O’Leary)

O’Leary, S. You Are Three (JP O’Leary)

Meyers, S.  Everywhere Babies (JP Meyers)

Goodwin, J.  Baby Day (JP Goodwin)

DiPucchio, K.  Littles and How They Grow (JP DiPucchio)

Hughes, S.  Up! How Families Around the World Carry Their Little Ones (JP Hughes)

Chronicle.  New York, Baby!  (JP Chronicle)

Soman, D.  How to Two (JP Soman)