January 2019 Storytime Books

These are books related to the themes of storytime.

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It’s Okay To Be Different

Dodd, E. Dog’s Colorful Day (JP Dodd)

Parr, T. It’s Okay to Be Different (JP Parr)

Martinez-Neal, J.  Alma and How She Got Her Name (JP Martinez-Neal)

Cornelles, J.  Mariama Different But Just the Same (JP Cornelles)

J 302 Waddington. Why are people different colors? (J 302 Waddington)

Diggs, T.  Mixed Me! (JP Diggs)

Britt, P.  Why Am I Me? (JP Britt)

J 158.2 Harris. Who We Are! (J 158.2 Harris)

Pignataro, A. Agatha (JP Pignataro)

Robberecht, T.  Sam Tells Stories (JP Robberecht)

Fox, M. Tell Me About Your Day Today (JP Fox)

McClintock, B.  Adele & Simon (JP McClintock)

Schwartz, A.  A Glorious Day (JP Schwartz)


Kindness Counts

Mora, O.  Thank You, Omu! (JP Mora)

Leannah, M. Most People (JP Leannah)

Light, K. Louise and Andie the Art of Friendship (JP Light)

Brown, M.  The Friendly Book (JP Brown)

McGinty, A. Thank You, World (JP McGinty)

Penfold, A. All Are Welcome (JP Penfold)

Gillen, L. Good People Everywhere (JP Gillen)

Silverstein, S. The Giving Tree (JP Silverstein)

Cooke, T. Full, Full, Full of Love (JP Cooke)

Williams, S. That’s Love (JP Williams)

Massini, S.  Love Always Everywhere (JP Massini)

McBratney, S. You’re All My Favorites (JP McBratney)

Everywhere Babies

Atinuke. Double Trouble for Anna Hibiscus (JP Atinuke)

Kanevsky, P. Here is the Baby (JP Kanevsky)

Meyers, S. Everywhere Babies (JP Meyers)

Katz, K. Ten Tiny Babies (JP Katz)

Hosford, K. Mama’s Belly (JP Hosford)

Fox, M.  Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes (JP Fox)

Swanson, M.  Babies Ruin Everything (JP Swanson)

Cooke, T. So Much (JP Cooke)

Hughes, s. Up! How Families Around the World Carry Their Little Ones (JP Hughes)

Katz, K. Counting Kisses (JP Katz)

Katz, K. Mommy Hugs (JP Katz)

McQuinn, A. Leo Loves Baby Time (JP McQuinn)

Rathmann, P. The Day the Babies Crawled Away (JP Rathmann)

Hindley, J. The first book all about your eyes, nose, fingers and toes (JP Hindley)