E-Resources on Herbal Wellness and Alternative Medicine

Throughout April we’re highlighting resources to promote health and wellness as part of the Public Library Association’s Connecting You to Coverage initiative.

We share in PLA’s belief that your library is a partner in community health! Always feel free to ask a librarian to help identify verified and trusted information for all matters involving wellness and well-being. On Thursday, April 18 we will be sponsoring a program on herbal remedies with Misha Johnson of Free Verse Farm & Apothecary for continued conversation.

Below are some e-resources and websites on herbal wellness and alternative medicines:

The Gale Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine (accessible through Vermont Online Library). Covers all aspects of alternative medicine including therapies, conditions, herbs, and plants. Identifies numerous types of alternative medicine being practiced today.

Office of Dietary Supplements (website). Includes information on botanical supplements use and safety, nutrient recommendation reports, and vitamin supplements.

Medline Plus (website). Produced by the National Library of Medicine, this website provides information on wellness issues in accessible language.

National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (website). Provides information on alternative medicine from science-based research.

Consumer Reports (website). Consumer Reports offer product and service ratings, recommendations, and selections. This website provides a searchable archive of the past four years of ratings on many products.

Health and Resource Center (accessible through Vermont Online Library). A Health reference website that has a wide variety of medical, scientific and practical information on heath care.