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February Storytimes

These are books related to the themes of storytime.

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All Around the World

Swanson, M. Everywhere, Wonder (JP Swanson)

Jackson, E. It’s back to School We go! (J 371 Jackson)

Ruurs, M. School Days Around the World (J 371 Ruurs)

Yi, H. Good Morning China (JP Yi)

Sehgal, K. The Wheels on the Tuk Tuk (JP Sehgal)

Ichikawa, S. The First Bear in Africa! (JP Ichikawa)

Kerley, B. One World, One Day (J 305.23 Kerley)

Winter, J. Wangari’s Trees of Peace (J 333.72 Winter)

Yousafzai. Dear Malala, We Stand with You (J B Yousafzai)

Handicott, B. Hello Atlas (J 413 Handicott)

McGinty, A. Thank You World (JP McGinty)

Smith, P. A School Like Mine (J 371 Smith)


Love, Love, Love

Bond, F. The Day It Rained Hearts (JP Bond)

Rockwell, A. Valentine’s Day (JP Rockwell)

Jackson, A. The Ballad of Valentines (JP Jackson)

Samuels, B. Happy Valentine’s Day Dolores (JP Samuels)

Carrick, C. Valentine (JP Carrick)

Hudson, E. The Best Thing About Valentines (JP Hudson)

Gantos, J. Rotten Ralph’s Rotten Romance (JP Gantos)

Devlin, W. Cranberry Valentine (JP Devlin)

Friedman, L. Ruby Valentine Saves the Day (JP Friedman)


To the Beach

Caswell, D. Beach House (JP Caswell)

Rose, D. Ocean Babies (JP Rose)

Gaiman, N. Chu’s Day at the Beach (JP Gaiman)

Knutson, K. Beach Babble (JP Knutson)

Yamashita, H. Seven Little Mice Go to the Beach (JP Yamashita)

Konagaya, K. Beach Feet (JP Konagaya)

Docherty, T. To the Beach (JP Docherty)