Children Readers Advisory

December Storytime

Check out this list of books from December’s themes!

Every month we archive our readings and their related themes from Word Play story times. Did you love a book from our readings together or else are looking for a good book?

Going Ever Slowly

Brown, R.  Snail Trial (JP Brown)

Carle, E.  Slowly, Slowly, Slowly said the Sloth (JP Carle)

Castillo, L.  Melvin and the Boy (JP Castillo)

DePaola, T.  Quiet (JP DePaola)

Donaldson, J.  The Snail and the Whale (JP Donaldson)

Falwell, C.  Turtle Splash! (JP Falwell)

Freedman, D.  The Story of Fish & Snail (JP Freedman)

Heder, T.  Alfie (JP Heder)

Lester, H.  Score One for the Sloths (JP Lester)

McGhee, H.  Listen (JP McGhee)

Offill, J.  Sparky (JP Offill)

Wild, M.  The Sloth Who Slowed Us Down (JP Wild)

Zagwyn, D.  Turtle Spring (JP Zagwyn)

Light the Lights

Barash, C.  Is It Hanukkah Yet?  (JP Barash)

Cooper, S.  The Shortest Day (JP Cooper)

Rosen, M.  Chanukah Lights Everywhere (JP Rosen)

Fearrington, A.  Christmas Lights (JP Fearrington)

Katz, K.  My First Kwanzaa (JP Katz)

Newman, L.  The Eight Nights of Chanukah (JP Newman)

Best Gifts Ever

Bernard, F.  Walking in a Winter Wonderland (JP Bernard)

Bird, B.  The Great Santa Stakeout (JP Bird)

Bond, R.  A City Christmas Tree (JP Bond)

Maruyama, Y.  Little Santa (JP Maruyama)

Schaefer, L.  The Bear and the Star (JP Schaefer)

Toht, P.  Pick A Pine Tree (JP Toht)

Underwood, D.  The Christmas Quiet Book (JP Underwood)