December 2018 Storytime Books

These are books related to the themes of storytime.

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Light and Lights

Paolilli, P. Nightlights (JP Paolilli)

Yolen, J. How Do Dinosaurs Say Happy Chanukah? (JP Yolen)

Miyares, D. Night Out (JP Miyares)

Kleven, E. Cozy Light, Cozy Night (JP Kelven)

394.2 Luenn. Celebration Of Light (394.2 Luenn)

621.47 Bang. My Light (621.47 Bang)

Root, P. Lucia and the Light (JP Root)


New Books!

Le, M. Drawn Together (JP Le)

Oliveros, J. The Remember Balloons (JP Oliveros)

Herrera, J.  Imagine (JP Herrera)

Lies, B. The Rough Patch (JP Lies)

Love, J. Julian Is A Mermaid (JP Love)

Fan. Ocean Meets the Sky (JP Fan)

Morales, Y. Dreamers (JP Morales)


Christmas is Coming

Underwood, D. The Christmas Quiet Book (JP Underwood)

Toht, P. Pick a Pine Tree (JP Toht)

McGrory, A. The Christmas Fox (JP McGrory)

Idle, M. Santa Rex (JP Idle)

Hemingway, E. Tough Cookie (JP Hemingway)

Parsley, E. If You Ever Want to bring a Pirate to Meet a Santa, DON’T! (JP Parsley)