Intro to Creative Mapping

Intro to Creative Mapping is a workshop from the Creative Mapping Project. This introduction will show you design tools you can start using today to make your project or career feel more sustainable and in line with how you actually like spending your days on this planet. 

If you’re a freelancer, project-maker, or creative human, the Creative Mapping Project can help navigate your career landscape with a confident clarity of vision, making choices that are in line with how you actually like spending your days on this planet.

  • Navigate tough decisions  
  • Avoid or address burnout     
  • Leverage non-financial resources    
  • Identify and communicate your needs

Join us for a 45 minute session via zoom on Monday, June 28 at 1:00 pm

About the CMP

The Creative Mapping Project researches how tools and principles from regenerative design can be used to create balanced and sustainable careers, communities, and lives. CMP offers live and pre-recorded workshops and courses focused on empowering creative humans and the ecosystems that support them. 

About the Presenter

Chris Faroe of the Creative Mapping Project is a musician, writer, and creative career designer. Using patterns and practices derived from sustainable design and regenerative agriculture, he helps artists, musicians, and other passionate humans map their way towards radically sustainable creative careers.