Community Crafting Kits at NPL, made possible by Mascoma Bank

Due to popular demand, the crafting spots are full, and this program is closed to new participants as of February 25.

The library staff are assembling kits for three different craft themes across three age groupings.

For the teen through adult craft, there additionally will be a Zoom gathering that will let us meet and learn from each other; creating a small community akin to a sewing circle. For those who receive the kids bags, both younger and older, we hope you’ll send some pictures so that we can share your creations with the wider community. 

Stamping and Sewing

Make Rubber Stamps 

Ages 5-8.

By cutting foam and stacking your shapes, you can make your own rubber stamp. Use your image to create a card to send to a friend, or try your hand at making wrapping paper to match.

Supplies included: Adhesive foam, wooden blocks, inkpad, and blank cards.

Carve Rubber Stamps

Ages 9+. 

With a little imagination and some sketching you can create your own image that can be used in block printing on a variety of mediums. Once you learn the skill of carving you could  go on to make a multitude of rubber stamps to adorn almost anything. 

Supplies included: Linoleum blocks and rubber squares, tools for cutting, inkpad and blank cards.

Sew a Heat Pack 

Ages: Teen through adult.

Add a little comfort to your crafting by creating a hand or machine-sewn heat pack with Vermont Flannel fabric. 

Supplies included: Fabric from Vermont Flannel, needle, thread, jasmine rice, lavender or other fragrant herb, plus a beverage and a snack for Zoom hangout.

Curbside pickup for these community craft kits will take place in February.

Colorful Creations

Fimo Clay 

Ages 5-8.

Create interesting color combinations to make beads or a miniature sculpture scene with oven-baked clay.                     

You can also make a few fun erasers in any shape you might imagine. 

Supplies included: A variety of Fimo clay, one wooden block for a sculpture base and a special clay for making erasers.

Shrinky Dinks 

Ages 9+.

Trace a large image, color it in, bake it in the oven and watch it shrink right before our eyes. Creations can be used as jewelry and window hangings.

Supplies included: Two special shrinky dink pages, hardware for pendants or earrings.


Ages teen through adult.

The traditional craft of needlework combines precision with creativity and color. Needlework beginners may find cross-stitching a satisfying introduction!

Supplies included: Embroidery hoop and pre-selected cross-stitch kit plus a beverage and a snack for Zoom hangout.

Curbside pickup for these community craft kits will take place in March.

Plant Love

Mini Hanging Terrariums 

Ages 5-8.

Create your very own miniature prehistoric setting, complete with  tiny dinosaurs. These succulents are easy to care for and can hang in a special spot where you can see it each day.

Supplies included: plants, dirt, stones, mini-figures, glass ball and string for hanging.


Ages 9+

A very simple project for those who are new to this craft. Using wool roving and special needles, you’ll be able to create your own “cactus friend in a pot.” (And this one doesn’t need watering.)

Supplies included: Needles, sponge, colored wool roving.

Creating with Macramé 

Ages teen through adult.

There is endless possibility when it comes to what you can produce with the art of macramé.  Learn the basic art of knotting while making a simple hanging plant holder.

Supplies included: Macrame kit with twine, rods and beads plus beverage and snack for zoom hangout.

Pickup for these community craft kits will take place in April.

Interested in community crafting?

Please sign-up via a form to add your contact information and select a first and second choice.

We ask that households choose one kit per age group for this program. Each project in the bag could become a shared experience by family members.

No previous experience with any of these crafts is necessary, the only thing needed is a curiosity and a desire to create something. These are meant to be fun, not frustrating. And if  it doesn’t turn out like you thought it would, we hope there is joy in the process of discovery.

Zoom Gatherings

Teens through adults are invited to craft together virtually on three Sunday afternoons at 1:30: February 21, March 21, April 25.

Join us via zoom:

This program is supported with grant funds from Mascoma Bank.