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August Storytimes

These are books related to the themes of Storytime.

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Keep It Green

Johnston, T. The Whole Green World (JP Johnston)

Magoon, S.  Breathe (JP Magoon)

Lyon, G. E. All the Water In the World (JP Lyon)

Martin, B. Listen to Our World (JP Martin)

Martin, B. Baby Bear, Baby Bear, What Do You See? (JP Martin)

Drummond, A. Green City (J 640.28 Drummond)

Karas, G. B. On the Farm At The Market (J 635 Karas)


Make A Better World

Amnesty.  We Are All Born Free (JP Amnesty)

Cunnane, K. For You Are A Kenyan Child (JP Cunnane)

Gillen, L. Good People Everywhere (JP Gillen)

Isadora, R. Old Mikamba Had A Farm (JP Isadora)

Katz, K. Can You Say Peace? (JP Katz)

McGinty, A.  Thank You, World (JP McGinty)

MacLachlan, P.  All The Places to Love (JP MacLachlan)

Scanlon, L.  All The World  (JP Scanlon)

Shulevitz, U.  How I Learned Geography (JP Shulevitz)

Williams, S. Talk Peace (JP Williams)


Robot Friend

Barnett, M.  OH NO! (JP Barnett)

Yaccarino, D. If I Had A Robot (JP Yaccarino)

Milgrim, D. See Pip Point (JP Milgrim)

Milgrim, D. See Otto (JP Milgrim)

Yaccarino, D. Doug Unplugged (JP Yaccarino)

Lester, H.  Wodney Wat’s Wobot (JP Lester)

Parker, J.  Little Bot and Sparrow (JP Parker)

Whybrow, I. Sammy and the Robots (JP Whybrow)

McCall, B. Marveltown (JP McCall)

Bridgman, R. Robot (J 629.8 Bridgman)