August 2019 Storytime Books

Did you love a book from last month’s storytime?

These are books related to the themes of our Word Play storytime meetings.


Camping and The Night Sky

Ray, M. Go To Sleep, Little Farm (JP Ray)

Nolen, J. Backyard Camp-Out (JE Nolen)

McCully, E.  Monk Camps Out (JP McCully)

Paolilli, P. Nightlights (JP Paolilli)

Cooper, E.  A Good Night Walk (JP Cooper)

MacKay, E. Red Sky At Night (JP Mackay)

Wolff, A.  Stella & Roy Go Camping (JP Wolff)

Gianferrari, M.  Penny & Jelly (JP Gianferrari)

Hundal, N.  Camping (JP Hundal)



Sky Full of Stars

J B Belpre.  Planting Stories (J B Belpre) Au: Anika Denise

J B Bach.  Bach (J B Bach) Au: Tom Leonard

J B Baker. Jazz Age Josephine (J B Baker) Au: Jonah Winter

Banks, K.  And If the Moon Could Talk (JP Banks)

Yaccarino, D.  I am a Story (JP Yaccarino)

J B Yaccarino, D. All the Way to America (J B Yaccarino)

J B Cornell.  Mr. Cornell’s Dream Box (J B Cornell) Au: Jeanette Winter

J B Nohl.  In Mary’s Garden (J B Nohl) Au: T & C Kugler

J B Merian.  Summer Birds (J B Merian) Au: Margarita Engle

J B Low.  Here Comes the Girl Scouts! (J B Low) Au: Shana Corey

J B Gregory.  The Hole Story of the Doughnut (J B Gregory) Au: Pat Miller

J B Cassatt.  Mary Cassatt (J B Cassatt) Au: Barbara Herkert


Infinity and Beyond

Bley, A.  And What Comes After a Thousand?  (JP Bley)

Hosford, K. Infinity and Me (JP Hosford)

Cyrus, K. Billions of Bricks (JP Cyrus)

Clements, A. A Million Dots (JP Clements)

Jeffers, O. The Way Back Home (JP Jeffers)

512.7 Hulme, J.  Wild Fibonacci (JP Hulme)

Hutchins, H.  A Second is A Hiccup (JP Hutchins)

Brian, J.  Where does Thursday Go? (JP Brian)