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August 2018 New Materials

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Rosling, Hans, Factfulness (155.9 ROSLING)

King, Ruth, Mindful of race (294.3 KING)

DiAngelo, Robin J., White fragility (305.8 DIANGELO)

Dyson, Michael Eric, What truth sounds like (305.8 DYSON)

Frank, Thomas, Rendezvous with oblivion (306.2 FRANK)

Charen, Mona, Sex matters (306.7 CHAREN)

Levitsky, Steven, How democracies die (321.8 LEVITSKY)

Fisher, Adam, Valley of genius (338 FISHER)

Carreyrou, John, Bad blood (338.7 CARREYROU)

Stevenson, Bryan, Just mercy (353.4 STEVENSON)

Bensinger, Ken, Red card (796.334 BENSINGER)

Greenblatt, Stephen, Tyrant (822.3 GREENBLATT)

Mayle, Peter, My twenty-five years in Provence (944.9 MAYLE)

Rhodes, Benjamin J., The world as it is (973.932 RHODES)



MoskowitzIsa, Chandra, Veganomicon (CBK 641.563 CHANDRA)


Biography & Memoir

Bass, Rick, The traveling feast (B BASS)

Mitchell, Wendy, Somebody I used to know (B MITCHELL)



DeWitt, Helen, Some trick (F DEWITT)

Franqui, Leah, America for beginners(F FRANQUI)

Gessen, Keith, A terrible country (F GESSEN)

Giffin, Emily, All we ever wanted (F GIFFIN)

Homes, A. M., Days of awe (F HOMES)

Lambek, Bernie, Uncivil liberties(F LAMBEK)

Moran, Caitlin, How to be famous (F MORAN)

Orange, Tommy, There there(F ORANGE)

Ritter, Krysten, Bonfire (F RITTER)

Tan, Lucy, What we were promised(F TAN)

Tyler, Anne, Clock dance(F TYLER)

Umrigar, Thrity N., The secrets between us (F UMRIGAR)



Connolly, John, The woman in the woods (M CONNOLLY)

Doiron, Paul, Stay hidden (M DOIRON)

Shaffer, Andre, Hope never dies (M SHAFFER)

Thor, Brad, Spymaster (M THOR)

Walker, Martin, A taste for vengeance (M WALKER)



Eggers, Dave, Heroes of the frontier  (CD F EGGERS)



Dancing with the cannibal giant  (DVD 333.72 DANCING)

Black Panther  (DVD BLACK)

Doctor Foster  (DVD DOCTOR SEASON 1)

Jurassic Park  (DVD JURASSIC)

Love, Simon  (DVD LOVE)

Orange is the new black, Season 5  (DVD ORANGE SEASON 5)