April 2019 Storytime Books

These are books related to the themes of our Word Play storytime meetings.

Spring in the Air

Muller, G. Spring (JP Muller)

582.13 Gerber. Spring Blossoms (582.13 Gerber)

Bauer, M.  Crinkle, Crackle, Crack- It’s Spring! (JP Bauer)

Yang-Haun.  Where is Spring? (JP Yang-Haun)

Henkes, K.  When Spring Comes (JP Henkes)

Schunur, S. Spring Thaw (JP Schnur)

Lindbergh, R. North Country Spring (JP Lindbergh)

Berger, C. Finding Spring (JP Berger)

Library Love

Child, L. But Excuse Me That is My Book (JP Child)

Ohora, Z.  The Not So Quiet Library (JP Ohora)

Stoeke, J. It’s Library Day (JP Stoeke)

Bruss, D. Book! Book! Book! (JP Bruss)

Coelho, J.  Luna Loves Library Day (JP Coelho)

Kohara, K.  The Midnight Library (JP Kohara)

Papp, L.  Madeline Finn and the Library Dog (JP Papp)

Parish, H.  Amelia Bedelia’s First Library Card (JP Parish)

Enderle, D.  The Library Gingerbread Man (JP Enderle)

Kirk, D.  Library Mouse (JP Kirk)

Willis, J.  Delilah D. At the Library (JP Willis)

Sheilds, G.  Library Lily (JP Sheilds)

Knudsen, M.  Library Lion (JP Knudsen)

Stewart, S. The Library (JP Stewart)

Bouncing Bunnies

Hulme, J.  Easter Babies (JP Hulme)

Walton, R.  So Many Bunnies (JP Walton)

Fleming, C. Muncha! Muncha! Muncha! (JP Fleming)

Beck, C. A Bunny in the Ballet (JP Beck)

Nyeu, T. Bunny Days (JP Nyeu)

Dewdney, A.  Nobunny’s Perfect (JP Dewdney)

Loomis, C.  Astro Bunnies (JP Loomis)

McCarty, P.  Chloe (JP McCarty)

Newberry, C.  Marshmallow (JP Newberry)

Davis, J.  Black Belt Bunny (JP Davis)

Doerrfeld, C.  The Rabbit Listened (JP Doerrfeld)

Crimi, C. Henry and the Buccaneer Bunnies (JP Crimi)

Sheep in A Jeep

Shubert, L.  Feeding the Sheep (JP Schubert)

Fox, M.  Where Is the Green Sheep? (JP Fox)

Shaw, N.  Sheep Blast Off!  (JP Shaw)

Shaw, N.  Sheep in a Jeep (JP Shaw)

Stohner, A.  Brave Charlotte (JP Stohner)

Lewis, K.  Little Baa (JP Lewis)

Hale, S.  Mary Had A Little Lamb (JP Hale)

Scotton, R. Russell the Sheep (JP Scotton)

Martins, I.  Little Lamb, Have You Any Wool? (JP Martins)

French, J.  Pete the Sheep-Sheep (JP French)