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October New Materials

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Chemaly, Soraya L., Rage becomes her  (155.3 CHEMALY)

Stallworth, Ron, Black Klansman  (322.4 STALLWORTH)

Rush, Elizabeth A., Rising  (551.45 RUSH)

Vincent, Lynn, Indianapolis  (940.54 VINCENT)

Lepore, Jill, These truths  (973 LEPORE)

Goodwin, Doris Kearns, Leadership in turbulent times

(973.099 GOODWIN)

Omarosa,  Unhinged  (973.933 OMAROSA)

Woodward, Bob, Fear  (973.933 WOODWARD)

Williams, Rob(ed.), Most likely to secede  (974.3 MOST)



Cunningham, William J., Fashion climbing  (B CUNNINGHAM)

King, Maxwell, The good neighbor  (B ROGERS)



Multicooker perfection  (CBK 641.58 MULTI)



Ackerman, Elliot, Waiting for Eden  (F ACKERMAN)

Barker, Pat, The silence of the girls  (F BARKER)

Campbell, Michele, She was the quiet one  (F CAMPBELL)

Harkness, Deborah E., Time’s convert  (F HARKENSS)

Klehfoth, Elizabeth, All these beautiful strangers  (F KLEHFOTH)

Kwan, Kevin, Crazy rich Asians  (F KWAN)

Kwan, Kevin, Rich people problems  (F KWAN)

Kwan, Kevin, China rich girlfriend  (F KWAN)

Larison, John, Whiskey when we’re dry  (F LARISON)

Mason, Daniel, The winter soldier (F MASON)

Owens, Delia, Where the crawdads sing  (F OWENS)

Shteyngart, Gary, Lake Success  (F SHTEYNGART)

Vásquez , Juan Gabriel, The shape of the ruins  (F VASQUEZ)

Walker, Nico, Cherry  (F WALKER)



Mayor, Archer,  Bury the lead  (M MAYOR)

Scottoline, Lisa, Feared  (M SCOTTOLINE)

Todd, Charles, A forgotten place  (M TODD)


Large Print

Brown, Helen, Cats & daughters  (LP 306.874 BROWN)

Brysk, Miriam M., Amidst the Shadows of Trees (LP B BRYSK)

Caldwell, Gail, New life, no instructions  (LP B CALDWELL)

Andre, Bella, The look of love  (LP F ANDRE)

Brown, T. J., Spring awakening (LP F BROWN)

Campbell, Drusilla Little girl gone  (LP F CAMPBELL)



Sainsbury, Brendan Alaska  (TRV 917.98 ALASKA)


Books on CD

Dyson, Michael Eric, What truth sounds like 

(CD 305.8 DYSON)

Macy, Beth, Dopesick (CD 362.29 MACY)

Hinton, Anthony Ray, The sun does shine (CD 364.66 HINTON)

O’Brien, Keith, Fly girls (CD 629.13 O’BRIEN)

Sedaris, David, Calypso (CD 814 SEDARIS)

Auerbach, David, Bitwise  (CD B AUERBACH)

Westover, Tara, Educated  (CD B WESTOVER)

Greer, Andrew Sean, Less (CD F GREER)

Orange, Tommy, There there  (CD F ORANGE)

Silva, Daniel, The other woman (CD F SILVA)

Steinhauer, Olen, The middleman (CD F STEINHAUER)

Tyler, Anne, Clock dance (CD F TYLER)

Clinton, Bill, The president is missing (CD M CLINTON)




Won’t you be my neighbor? (DVD B ROGERS)

Endeavour, Season 5 (DVD ENDEAVOUR SEASON 5)

Westworld, Season 1 (DVD WESTWORLD SEASON 1)