Children Readers Advisory, Summer Reading

A Universe of Stories for Grades 2 & 3

June 12 marks the start of our summer reading program at NPL! Below are some NPL recommendations for second and third grade readers.

About Universe of Stories

This summer we’re reading with the theme “A Universe of Stories” in mind. The theme “A Universe of Stories” was chosen by the Collaborative Summer Reading program to help inspire all ages to dream big, create their own story, and explore real and imaginary places, including Outer Space.

CatStronauts. [Book 1], Mission Moon / Drew Brockington. Major Meowser, Waffles, Blanket and Pom Pom set up a solar power plant on the moon.

Meet Yasmin! / Saadia Faruqi; illustrated by Hatem Aly. Join this enthusiastic, thoughtful, resilient second grader who loves to try new and different things!

Ricky Ricotta’s mighty robot vs. the mecha-monkeys from Mars: the fourth robot adventure novel / Dav Pilkey; pictures by Martin Ontiveros. How can a little mouse overcome bullies, a giant class pet, and the villainous Dr. Stinky? With a giant robot, of course!

Zoo in the Sky: a book of animal constellations / Jacqueline Mitton; pictures by Christina Balit. Large, vibrant paintings and shimmering foil stars make a brilliant connection between stargazing tales and the constellations.

Destination: Moon / Seymour Simon.