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January Storytimes

These are books related to the themes of storytime.

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 What’s Your Story?

Robberecht, T. Sam Tells Stories (JP Robberecht)

Fox, M. Tell Me About Your Day Today (JP Fox)

Dodd, E. Dog’s Colorful Day (JP Dodd)

McClintock, B. Adele & Simon (JP McClintock)

Schwartz, A. A Glorious Day (JP Schwartz)

Bee, W. Migloo’s Day (JP Bee)


It’s Okay to Be Different

Britt, P. Why Am I Me? (JP Britt)

Pignataro, A. Agatha (JP Pignataro)

Cornelles, J. Mariama (JP Cornelles)

Waddington, E. Why are People Different Colors? (J 302 Waddington)

Harris, R. Who We Are! (J 158.2 Waddington)

Diggs, T. Mixed Me (JP Diggs)

Hall, M. Red (JP Red)


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