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  • Fizz Boom Pop - Einstein

    Fizz Boom Pop Quiz #7

    Albert Einstein often used visual experiments (performed in his head) rather than the lab. They were called “gedankenexperiment” – thought experiments.  Two of the following thought experiments were helpful in his formation of the special theory of relativity announced in 1905. Which one is the fake thought experiment? 1. Picturing

  • Sonya in the stacks

    NPL: Expanding the Vision

    Click on “Expanding the Vision” to see the three library-related videos we’ve posted to  the Norwich listserv over the past three weeks. If you have a moment, please take a look at them and give us your gut reaction. We want to know what resonates with you? Is it how

  • NPL diaroma

    Sign Up for Our Summer Reading Program!

    This year’s summer reading program themes are Fizz, Boom, Read for kids, Spark a Reaction for teens, and Literary Elements for adults. We invite people of all ages to sign up, help us reach our town-wide reading goal of 4,299 books and audiobooks, and join us all summer long for